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I'm a black feminist, a mom, a student, a global citizen and a believer. My strength is rooted in my weakness and my dark sense of comedy makes me happy! Deal with it! I'm a "articulate thug", or so I think. Enjoy my words of (non)wisdom, perspectives on bullshit, and my obsession with my son

"Thank you For Fixing My Father" →




Before your show I never felt like just one of 34. I have always had a great and close relationships with 8 of my siblings that I do know. We have a very supportive and loving family overall. We are in constant contact, so it has always felt totally normal. Sure, I always knew…

A special shout out to Amina for speaking to and for all of us children in fatherless homes…it’s fucking hard and I’m sick of “professionals” lacking the decency to hold these men accountable #fixitjesus

Annie Lennox calls Beyoncé a ‘token’ feminist with ‘cheap’ lyrics →

LITE is being generous. In reality Beyonce uses feminism to get ticket sales. But how can you be a feminist if you CONSISTENTLY hyper sexualize yourself? Have no objections to the mediated lightened images of your brown skin? Or allow your husband to rap lyrics on your album that elude to force and abuse “eat the cake Anna Mae”? You’re a great performer, a talented dancer and singer and song writer but you, my dear, are the reason feminist must continue to educate and fight. #Beyonce

Saying goodbye to the old me

I’m headed back to my hometown….I was hoping to finally be able to fall madly, deeply, into a true love with the man I have been waiting for for over 8 years….. ya THAT BLEW UP IN MY FACE!!

So I’m gonna go home, work in the big city and hopefully, find love happiness joy and serenity. But most importantly, I want to pursue my dreams…so I’m gonna go for it! Wish me luck!


YouTube star Sam Pepper thinks sexually harassing women is a hilarious prank

When is it OK to sexually harass women on the street? When it’s for a YouTube video, of course!

That was the apparent thinking of reality-television star turned viral YouTube performer Sam Pepper, who came under fire this past weekend when his latest “prank” showed him sexually harassing women for laughs. The former Big Brother contestant, who has over 2 million YouTube subscribers, asked women on a busy street for directions while secretly grabbing their butts. 

Because nothing’s funnier than touching random women without their permission and catching the whole thing on camera.

The video is problematic for so many reasons Follow micdotcom

O For real?!!! Youre just gonna assault women and think its cool? F U SAM PEPPER!

New York Times Apologizes to Shonda Rhimes for 'Tone-Deaf' Article →




New York Times Apologizes to Shonda Rhimes for ‘Tone-Deaf’ Article

(Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP, File)

(Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP, File)

Update: The New York Times‘ public editor Margaret Sullivan has added an update to her original post about the paper’s apology:

"In the review, I referenced a painful and insidious stereotype solely in order to praise Ms. Rhimes and her shows for traveling so far from it. If making that connection between the two offended people, I feel bad about that. But I think that a full reading allows for a different takeaway than the loudest critics took.

The same applies to your question about “less than classically beautiful.” Viola Davis said it about herself in the NYT magazine, more bluntly.  I commended Ms. Rhimes for casting an actress who doesn’t conform to television’s narrow standards of beauty; I have said the same thing about Helen Mirren in “Prime Suspect.”

I didn’t think Times readers would take the opening sentence literally because I so often write arch, provocative ledes that are then undercut or mitigated by the paragraphs that follow. (links below)

Regrettably, this stereotype is still too incendiary to raise even in arguing that Ms. Rhimes had killed it once and for all”

If you really believed that….then just say it!  But that is the besides the point….you reduce Black women to performers under the white gaze…that Shonda’s aspiration should be to undo the harmful stereotype as opposed to the reality that it’s fucked up to begin with.  

Her casting choice of Viola Davis should be commended because of her appearance as to the reality that Ms. Davis is a KICK-ASS actress.  

She tried to cover too much ground without being fully invested in the outcome—having the privilege of thinking that this article wouldn’t spark controversy.  Even now, she’s saying the “loudest critics”.  It was poor ass writing.  Despite her supposed well-meaning intentions, she is ultimately saying what roles or portrayals are complex or deemed worthy enough.  

From the original article:

Ms. Rhimes has embraced the trite but persistent caricature of the Angry Black Woman, recast it in her own image and made it enviable. She has almost single-handedly trampled a taboo even Michelle Obama couldn’t break.

Her heroines are not at all like the bossy, sassy, salt-of-the-earth working-class women who have been scolding and uh-uh-ing on screen ever since Esther Rolle played Florida, the maid on “Maude. 

I don’t get it.  The ABW stereotype is no good but then Shondra should be praised for making people like the ABW but the ABW is nothing like Esther Rolle’s character or benign like Claire Huxtable.  Like Eva Peace said in Toni Morrison’s “Sula”, “Give me that again.  Flat out to fit my head”.  

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