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Vhonda's Black

I'm a black feminist, a mom, a student, a global citizen and a believer. My strength is rooted in my weakness and my dark sense of comedy makes me happy! Deal with it! I'm a "articulate thug", or so I think. Enjoy my words of (non)wisdom, perspectives on bullshit, and my obsession with my son

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I wept a mothers cry, one that I know so many black mothers have felt. What this white woman does is break down for all parents, and others, that the reality of blackness is that it is an affront to whiteness. I do not mean individuals against individuals. I am saying, when you look at the geosociopolitical situation of black and white populations there is a stark difference between what is right and what is wrong. In order for us to move forward as a human race we must do EVERYTHING in our power to alleviate these systems. #whiteprivilege #BlackReality #aMothersLove shout out to this woman for putting it out there, plain and simple. Made me shed some tears…#RIPallblackvictims

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